This 4-Week Private Coaching is an awesome program for reprogramming your genes and starting building strong foundations to start with the Live Like A Human Lifestyle.

I designed this program as a powerful and effective way for you to get whatever habits and behaviors you need to work on as a part your daily routine.

Your genes are extremely sensitive to environmental signals – with that said, you have all the powers to influence the expressions of genes involved in your health and well-being with your daily habits and lifestyle behaviors.

In these 4 weeks, you will learn about the influence of DIET, MOVEMENT, SLEEP, and STRESS on your gene expressions. You will hit your body’s reset button and start to take back your health, which got lost in times of the modern lifestyle.

Want to know why 4 weeks? Because in my experiences from working with different clients, this is the time needed for new habits to sink in your daily routine and become a part of your life.

Health Can’t Be Achieved By Changing Habits Only In One Area Of Lifestyle.

Every week we unpack one of the four aspects of Live Like A Human Lifestyle:

1. Week – EAT LIKE A HUMAN; All about proper human diet

2. Week – MOVE LIKE A HUMAN; Move like you are designed to move

3. Week: SLEEP LIKE A HUMAN; Circadian biology and optimizing sleeping habits

 4. Week: BE PRESENT LIKE A HUMAN; Slowing down your life with breathing and meditation

We’ll cover all of these pillars in a LIVE LIKE A HUMAN 4-week Private Online Coaching with emphasizing on the one you are the most interested in.

4-week Private Online Coaching includes:

  • 2 online meetings per week (60 minutes)
  •  Customized and personalized coaching for achieving your goals
  • 4-week email correspondence 24/7 for your questions
  • Daily journal
  • Support, help and motivation

“By learning and incorporating Live Like A Human Lifestyle Habits in your life you will start to optimize the quality of your living. An effective and mindful approach to health and vitality.”

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